Car Insurance for Teen Drivers

When a teenager gets their license, it can be a stressful time for parents-not only because they will worry about their teen but because of the cost of insurance! The rates for teen drivers are often twice that of adults. The average teen will have three accidents before they are twenty years old! Naturally, insurance companies have to find a way to cover these expenses and unfortunately, higher rates are the price we all pay.

As always, you'll need to shop around for the best auto insurance rates. Before you start comparing prices, you should compare companies. Are there any complaints on file with the Better Business Bureau? Search the internet and find out what lawsuits a company has had brought against them; their legal records are a good indication of their treatment of their insured. You certainly don't want your teen involved in an accident that your insurance company will refuse to pay for, especially if there are injuries involved.

Sometimes it's better to pay higher premiums for a company that has a good record than save money with a company that has a history of disputing claims. Most large insurers that have the public spotlight are much more customer-oriented than some smaller, cut-rate companies are. Consider this when shopping for insurance and comparing rates and reputations.

You can get the lower auto insurance rates if your teen has good grades. Insurance companies have found that students who excel academically are more serious about life and more proactive about safe driving than average or poor students. Many insurance companies also offer lower rates for those teens that have taken a driver's education course.