Car Insurance for Young people - Special Rates?

Young people present a unique challenge to insurance companies; they are inexperienced and often make faulty judgments resulting in collisions. Not all young drivers have the misfortune to make claims, though, and these are the people for which insurance companies will make exceptions.

Teens or college students can save money on their premiums if they have a high GPA, or grade point average. A high GPA is indicative of a sense of responsibility and care, usually meaning the student is serious about their life as well as their driving. The majority of good students rarely have much more than fender-benders, and are usually good risks for insurance companies.

Insurers also offer special rates for those young drivers who have taken a formal driver training course. This type of course also indicates responsibility and a sense of care, making them good risks. If they drive a car that's not popular with car thieves that will also increase their chances of getting a lower rate.

Choosing to have a higher deductible will also reduce premiums, as will having an older driver on the policy. Many insurers also offer discounts to those that buy their policies online, eliminating commissions for agents. Mileage may also affect rates; young people who drive a long way to school or work have more chance of having an accident than those who drive short distances.

Finally, it helps if you're female! Yes, unfair as it may seem, young women have statistically fewer accidents than young men and often get better insurance rates.

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