Discount Car Insurance for Senior Citizens

Sometimes driving is the last freedom a senior really has, due to mobility problems or financial constraints. However, as we age our reflexes slow down and our driving abilities are severely compromised. Drivers over the age of 75 have a very high accident rate, often resulting in fatalities. Taking driving refresher courses and a few simple precautions can avoid many of these collisions.

Many insurance companies offer discounts to seniors who have a clean driving record. These seniors, most of whom work to stay mentally sharp and physically fit, are generally very alert drivers and they can save on their premiums by shopping around.

Start with your own agent, then call several others including independent agents who can give you a quote from several companies. Rates can differ as much as 300%, so it pays to call as many insurance carriers as you can. Going online for a quote is a quick method for getting several quotes at once. As you sift through the information you gather, remember to check the coverage that's included; some discounts come at the expense of covered expenses that you may need in the future.

Higher deductibles also help save on insurance premiums and having a car of the type not usually stolen also saves you money. You may want to drop collision and comprehensive coverage if you own an older car for some significant savings. For more on Vintage Car Insurance, check this site!

However, you decide to rearrange your auto insurance coverage for maximum savings, be sure to get several quotes and consider the pros and cons of different types of coverage. An informed shopper gets the best deal!