Free Online Car Insurance Quotes: How Good Are They?

Online insurance quotes are very convenient, especially for people who don't have the time to contact different companies during business hours. By entering a few bits of information, you can receive a quote in minutes or hours without the high-pressure sales tactics that some agents feel obliged to use.

Many people are leery of online quotes, however, worried that they will have to enter personal information they'd rather not give to strangers. All that's required for most online quotes is the make and model of your vehicle, the start date of your existing policy, your driver's license and details of any claims you may have made in the last few years. If any financial information is required, you'd do best to move on to another company.

Once you get your quotes, you can look them over at your leisure and compare them. When you pick a few of the best, you'll have to call the agent and solidify the terms and rates. The best way to do this is to get it in writing, through mail or fax. Some insurance companies, especially the deep discount offers, have confusing terms and time limits so getting a firm commitment is essential.

Free online insurance quotes are offered by reputable insurance companies as well as those that are start-ups and those who may not have a sterling reputation. It's up to consumers to educate themselves and investigate the insurer. By taking these simple steps and using some common sense, you'll find that online quotes are safe, convenient and a valuable tool when shopping for insurance.

Finding the best online car insurance quotes is not easy. Hang in there, and you'll find a great tool!